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Why Presidents Institute?

When you step into any of the offices at Presidents Institute, you will feel a buzz of serious, professional and kind people. We are a spacious workplace and we constantly aim to set a winning team. That is why we value people who are eager to learn, possess a strong team spirit and high work ethic. Does this sound like you? Then Presidents Institute might be your future workplace.

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Our biannual summits features world class speakers

”My learning curve has been really steep, and I feel that I’ve been lifted. We are being coached with some of the heavy-weight sales methods, which are supported by many years of research within the areas of sales and negotiation.”


Admissions Manager

Training and education

Our vision is simple – we want a winning team. To make this happen we invest a lot of efforts in equipping our employees to be best at what they do. We do this through our structured education program, Presidents Academy, developed in connection with leading educational suppliers in the relevant business areas.
Carried out four times annually, Presidents Academy is an intensive two-day education and training program. Here our employees are presented with the leading theories within their respective business areas as well as a change to put them into practice with professional coaching.

“We share a lot of ideas and knowledge inside the company. We also have the Academy days, where I’m currently getting leadership training for the position I’m in. I’ve learned to analyse things and I’ve learned finding the best business approach.”


Research Director

Colleagues and team spirit

The thing that our employees value the most in workplace evaluations and interviews is their relationship with their colleagues. Maybe it’s because we tend to hire companionable and inclusive people? Maybe the extravagant company parties and cozy Friday get-togethers set the perfect scene for bonding? Or maybe the common and challenging goals create a unique culture of solidarity?
One thing we know for sure is that many friendships have started at Presidents Institute and there are many more to come.

We have over 3000 members from 7 different countries

Development Opportunities

When filling positions at Presidents Institute we aim to make internal recruitments whenever possible. We would rather promote someone we know and trust - someone who knows and understands our business and who appreciates the way we conduct our work. That is why several of our employees have held different positions. Our mid-level management consists entirely of employees who started at intro-level positions and worked their way up.

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